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**PCW** - Night of the Living Cider II: Bone Dry

The second annual edition of the event that first inspired Philly Cider Week! On Halloween night, Kensington Quarters closes down their normal dinner service to host a wicked-fun cider event featuring two cider bars and guest chefs selling $5 small plates in individual concessions. As the term “dry” gets thrown around a lot and, at this time, there is no mandated distinction or scale to labeling ones cider as dry, this year Night of the Living Cider dives into the world of truly dry ciders, offering a full menu featuring the driest of the dry.

Come dressed to impress in your best (or worst!) Halloween attire!

This year’s guest chef line-up:

Nathan Winkler-Rhoades of Pitruco Pizza -
Dan Tang of Sugar Philly -
Ari Miller of Food Underground -
Matt Harper of Kensington Quarters -
Mike Ferrari of Res Ipsa -
Angelina Branca of Saté Kampar -
Nich Bazik of 13th Street Kitchens -

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